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We developed a field analysis software solution that processes data from drone imagery to create maps for Precision Farming applications. Monitor your field and gain valuable insights with our platform. Choose solutions, benefit from the analysis and achieve increased yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes. AGRISTRY is your gateway to autonomous Precision Agriculture!

Frequently asked questions

AGRISTRY is a field analysis software for farmers interested in Precision Agriculture and the implementation of new agricultural technology, specifically field scanning and diagnostic mapping with drones. It facilitates non-destructive crop monitoring over large areas with high efficiency, accurate weed detection, efficient field management and targeted treatment. For more information, see Product and Solutions.

My AGRISTRY is the web application for clients using our software. Here you manage your account: edit farm profiles & assets, upload drone imagery to run field analysis & download mapping results. 

Once you created an account, simply upload drone imagery to start the field mapping and analysis. 

As the software uses drone imagery for the field analysis and mapping, a drone is needed to do the field scans. We recommend having your own drone. However, scans can also be done using a drone services provider. We might be able to offer scanning services depending on your location and also offer consultations on buying drones. Get in touch to talk about your options.

GPS accuracy of our field maps is within 2cm. The accuracy of prescription maps, however, also depends on the performance limitations of the equipment (drone, camera) used for mapping. 


We can provide different levels of precision mapping to target weeds of any size. Have a look at our weed detection demonstration video to see an example. 

To benefit from machinery integration, you will need machinery that has section control & individual nozzle control for targeted application. Better variable rate technology of your machine allows for more efficient use of the prescription maps and shapefiles created with AGRISTRY.

We generate accurate field maps using imagery from drone field scans. These maps are analysed using computer vision, artificial intelligence, spatial technology, various parameters and plant indices to identify, classify and quantify complex patterns within the image data. Based on the analysis the software identifies points of interest, provides diagnostic maps and application shapefiles for machinery integration. For more information, see Field Mapping.

To use our software, click here, use any “Sign Up” button or the “My AGRISTRY” button in the top right corner. You will be forwarded to our login page. Simply “register” to create an account. 

Our prices vary depending on the type of field mapping solution. They are calculated per hectare. For more information, contact us.

We support all types of drones. Any RGB or multispectral camera can be used. High quality equipment will deliver better results. 

Yes. In your account you are able to assign data sets to different fields, categorise them and even create multiple profiles for farms and cropping operations. 

With our field analysis software, farmers can get the information they need to design efficient treatment strategies that improve crop health and increase yield. Remote field monitoring saves the farmer time scouting on-site at random, by providing locally precise data in diagnostic maps. This facilitates management of time-sensitive issues and can also reduce the amount of chemicals used. Not only does this save money, it is also better for the environment. Overall, our software makes precison agriculture easy and accessible. From weed detection to plant health monitoring, AGRISTRY helps you to better care for your crops!

AGRISTRY - next level field analysis.

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Use our innovative AGRISTRY platform and field analysis software to process data from aerial imagery to generate field maps for Weed Detection and Precision Farming Solutions. Benefit from automated analysis, actionable insights & machinery integration.

Precision Agriculture made easy.

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Take advantage of AGRISTRY solutions and do more with less resources, more sustainably.



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AGRISTRY is your way to autonomous Precision Farming. Map your fields to gain valuable insights and optimise management strategies. Achieve increased yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes!