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We developed AGRISTRY to help farmers enter a new era of agriculture. Combining the knowledge from our experience in the IT industry with the agronomic knowledge of our partners, we created this software to make Precison Farming easy and accessible. Agriculture is of vital importance and it needs to scale sustainably. Data is the missing link. Our goal is to introduce new agricultural technology and give farmers the information to improve farming practices.

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AGRISTRY is our new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for farmers interested in Precision Agriculture and new technological approaches to crop management. 


Remote crop monitoring over large areas has become available through improved drone technology. It is now possible to efficiently generate insightful field analysis maps of high accuracy without risking damage to the plants. Based on aerial imagery, we create various field maps for different purposes. These maps clearly identify areas in fields that need attention and can be transformed into shapefiles for machinery integration. The goal here is to reduce the amount of chemicals used on fields. Improve crop quality and increase yield while reducing the environmenal impact!


Save time and money with remote monitoring and precision application solutions, managed through the AGRISTRY platform. Our field maps provide valuable data and actionable insights. We believe that by bringing together farmers and drone field analysis technologies we can create new tools that will drive crop and business growth!


Our objective: Provide easy-to-use Precision Farming tools and solutions to help farmers grow more with less.

better for you, better for us, better for the environment!

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Our founder

Having grown up on a cattle farm in Moura QLD, Darren is no stranger to agriculture and the challenges of farming. After pursuing his education and careers in IT, he is now determined to use his tech knowledge to give back and contribute to sustainable growth in agriculture, starting in his home region.

Darren Andrews

“With over 10 years experience as a Systems/Network Engineer my primary responsibility is to use and develop best of breed solutions in any environment. Now I want to use my knowledge to create new precision agriculture management solutions for farmers.”

Dedicated to technological progress in Agriculture – This is AGRISTRY.

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Take advantage of AGRISTRY solutions and do more with less resources, more sustainably.

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AGRISTRY would not exist without the support of our partners – thank you for believing in us. 

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Our Journey

AGRISTRY is an Agricultural Technology Startup Company.


We offer a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Precision Farming which is currently being tested in case studies with a select group of Australian farmers. The AGRISTRY platform and our weed mapping solution are continually optimised and will be fully available soon.


We created this platform because we are dedicated to help farmers enter a new era of agriculture. With technologies advancing and becoming more essential for sustainable growth in a changing world, farming needs to adapt. Our goal is to support farmers in increasing productivity & yield by developing new agricultural technology solutions.


AGRISTRY is working closely with farmers, collaborating with industry-leading identities, and is a proud member of The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). We know that farming is of vital importance and believe that we can achieve great things together!


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AGRISTRY - next level field analysis.