crop mapping

Monitor crop growth & Needs

crop health

Our Crop Mapping Solutions are based on drone imagery analysis and the calculation of different parameters including plant indices. Create crop health maps and examine crop development all-season to design precise and efficient field management strategies. The generated maps can be downloaded as shapefiles for machinery integration and variable rate spraying.

crop growth monitoring

plant count

get a precise estimate of the number of plants in a specific area.

stress detection

Map your field to monitor crop health and detect potential stress zones.

harvest readiness

Use vegetation maps to evaluate growth stage and harvest readiness.

Our AGRISTRY software identifies patterns within the image data to create diagnostic field maps.

Benefit from computer vision, artificial intelligence, spatial technology and the visualisation of plant indices to monitor your fields!

crop health maps

Precise crop care at every stage!

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More Solutions

Crop Health Monitoring is important, but there’s more you can do. Be prepared and get the full solution!

AGRISTRY solutions

weed mapping

Locate and treat weeds before they become a problem.

land mapping

Create 3D Land Survey Models to analyse the terrain.

We offer multiple types of analysis and diagnostic maps to facilitate efficient field management. 

Take full advantage of drone field mapping for Precision Agriculture Solutions!

grow more with less

Take advantage of AGRISTRY solutions and do more with less resources, more sustainably.



Improved Crop Quality
Improved Soil Longevity

Yield Increase

Increased Productivity
Increased Profit

Easy Integration

Machinery Integration
Workflow Integration

Input Reduction

Decreased Chemical Use
Time- and Cost-Saving

AGRISTRY is your way to autonomous Precision Farming. Map your fields to gain valuable insights and optimise management strategies. Achieve increased yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes!