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Agricultural technology is constantly evolving. The usage of drones opened up new possibilities and has become crucial for Precision Farming. We made it our mission to support farmers by providing tools to implement this new technology and design strategies that will drive their crop and business growth. Progress is our most important product!

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We believe that together we can not only increase the efficiency of farming operations but also improve the environmental impact to benefit everyone!

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field mapping

Identify patterns within image data to create diagnostic field maps using computer vision, artificial intelligence, various parameters and plant indices.

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What is AGRISTRY? How do the solutions work? Do I need a drone? Find answers to your questions about our product & solutions.

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Take advantage of AGRISTRY solutions and do more with less resources, more sustainably.

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Use our innovative AGRISTRY platform and field analysis software to process data from aerial imagery to generate field maps for Weed Detection and Precision Farming Solutions. Benefit from automated analysis, actionable insights & machinery integration.

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Benefit from Precision Agriculture Technology and optimise your productivity with AGRISTRY!

Our Journey

AGRISTRY is an Agricultural Technology Startup Company.


We offer a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Precision Farming which is currently being tested in case studies with a select group of Australian farmers. The AGRISTRY platform and our weed mapping solution are continually optimised and will be fully available soon.


We created this platform because we are dedicated to help farmers enter a new era of agriculture. With technologies advancing and becoming more essential for sustainable growth in a changing world, farming needs to adapt. Our goal is to support farmers in increasing productivity & yield by developing new agricultural technology solutions.


AGRISTRY is working closely with farmers, collaborating with industry-leading identities, and is a proud member of The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). We know that farming is of vital importance and believe that we can achieve great things together!


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