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We are committed to providing innovative solutions that help farmers optimize their operations and design effective field management strategies. Identify and target particular zones in your fields with our AGRISTRY mapping solutions for weed detection, crop health monitoring and land surveying. Take full advantage of the benefits of Precision Agriculture!

what we offer

Our solutions provide farmers with insightful map-based information for various field management and monitoring purposes.

weed maps

Locate Weeds and
Create diagnostic Maps
for precision spraying.

Crop Maps

monitor growth, detect potential stress zones and check harvest readiness.

land maps

Create Surface Models to analyse elevation, contours & water flow.

AGRISTRY solutions

Help your crops grow with drone based field analysis.

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How it works

With our platform, you can create field maps from aerial image data for precision applications. Use Weed Mapping as example:

Three-Step Process

Result: Improved field conditions for crop production!

To benefit from AGRISTRY, all you need to do is sign up to the platform and upload your drone imagery. Our software identifies patterns within the image data to deliver insightful field analysis using computer vision, artificial intelligence and geospatial technology. Download the generated diagnostic maps and the application files to implement the solutions using your existing machinery.

precision agriculture made easy.

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Benefit from precision farming and protect the environment with drone field monitoring!



Improved Crop Quality
Improved Soil Longevity

Yield Increase

Increased Productivity
Increased Profit

Easy Integration

Machinery Integration
Workflow Integration

Input Reduction

Decreased Chemical Use
Time- and Cost-Saving

AGRISTRY is your way to autonomous Precision Farming. Map your fields to gain valuable insights and optimise management strategies. Achieve increased yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes!