Weed Mapping

Target the root of the problem

Weed Control

Our Weed Mapping Solution uses drone imagery analysis, computer vision and artificial intelligence to locate weeds before they become a problem so that effective spraying strategies can be designed and executed. Create weed maps that accurately display the location of infested areas. These maps can be downloaded as shape files for machinery integration and variable rate spraying. 

Pre-season weed control

early weed detection in fallow fields

Three-Step Process

AGRISTRY solutions

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Weed mapping demo

Below, you can see an example of the weed detection process which results in the weed maps for your fields.


High resolution image of a fallow field.


Weed pressure map of the field.

Weed detection and control are important, but there’s more AGRISTRY can do for your crops. Get the full solution!

crop mapping

Monitor early crop health, stress and harvest readiness.

land mapping

Create 3D Land Survey Models to analyse the terrain.

We offer multiple types of analysis and diagnostic maps to facilitate efficient field management. 

Take full advantage of drone field mapping for Precision Agriculture Solutions!

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Improved Crop Quality
Improved Soil Longevity

Yield Increase

Increased Productivity
Increased Profit

Easy Integration

Machinery Integration
Workflow Integration

Input Reduction

Decreased Chemical Use
Time- and Cost-Saving

AGRISTRY is your way to autonomous Precision Farming. Map your fields to gain valuable insights and optimise management strategies. Achieve increased yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes!